Content Management Platform (CMP)

Innovative and comprehensive platform that simplifies the translation process to allow you to effectively manage, edit, and publish your translated content.

  • Real-time tracking of your translation's progress.
  • Translation memory and mass replacement; store phrases and words of your website to ensure they are used in the desired context across the translated versions of your translated website.
  • Edit-in-place widget: seamlessly translate content directly from within your website.

Multi-Layered Translation

You always have control over the translation of your content. You can invite translators to your translated website.

  • Machine Translation (Default): dakwak has cherry-picked the best machine translation engines to deliver the first translated layer of your website.
  • Refined Machine Translation: dakwak lets you tap into a big pool of translations that have already been professionally edited to improve the quality of the Machine Translation output.
  • Human Translators: dakwak allow you to invite translators and assign them pages/content to be translated and you can track their progress.


  • Search Engine Visibility: expose the translated versions of your website to search engines, allowing people to find your business when searching in their native language.

    "Search engines are the highest sources of visitor traffic; break language barriers by utilizing them to help you find new audiences"
  • Search API: a versatile API that provides top-notch search quality for your original and translated content.


Control the styling of your website and manage all multimedia files.

  • Maintain your website's look and feel (CSS): accommodate any styling requirements such as language direction by customizing your stylesheets to suit each local language requirement.
  • Multimedia assets (videos, images, flash files): deliver localized multimedia content and create a fully localized experience for your visitors.

Security & Availability

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Compatibility: dakwak can be perfectly coupled with your website to maintain the same security standards for the translated versions of your website.
  • Fault-tolerant, highly available, and easily scalable Translation Delivery Network (TDN) that ensures your translated websites are always there.
  • Reduced Overhead: our TDN will cache your static content and remove this burden off your servers so you can focus on delivering the content that matters.

dakwak analytics (dakana)

Complete analysis for the translated versions of your website to help you locate areas of improvement, and ultimately present your visitors with the best experience.

  • Monitor your website’s consumed actions and breakdown by page views and machine translation words.
  • Track and view the activity of each language on your website.
  • Measure the traffic of each language on your website.